I grew up listening every single day Romantic FM, a radio station with old school music that, of course, I ended up loving it. Even now, after so many years, you can hear kilometres away from my dad's car Chris de Burgh's song "Lady in red". Damn memories! And that vanilla scent that I hated [...]

Winter cherry

Oranges, cinnamon flavour everything and cozy outfits. In one word, winter season. This shoot was made one day before Christmas, so I gotta tell you a little bit about how much I love it.  One thing that I love about this season it is that it keeps people at home more than any other season [...]

Foxy getaway

Jumpsuits are one of my favourite clothing pieces ever. The way they gently wrap your body is what I am looking for in everything that I am wearing. A casual day or an outstanding party, you can never go wrong with a classy, yet sassy, jumpsuit. In 1919, Florentine Thayat, invented  the first jumpsuit ever, during [...]

Shades of brown

New year,new start, new opportunities. New me? Well, not really, I'm at the point where I'm truly happy of who I became. Let's say that I'll just upgrade myself this year. A lot. There's always space for that. All my attention is now focused on the social media, as I started doing some funny sketches, [...]

Golden leopard

Let me tell you - when I was younger I avoided to dress up differently. Unique. My way. Why? Because I was always afraid that people will judge, laugh and so on. On the street, for example. Sometimes, if you are not wearing a basic combination of clothes, those random people around will stare at you [...]