Street stripes

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So many things to do lately as I’m planning some cool online projects that are coming soon thanks to my audience from my Youtube channel that is growing so much day by day, I’m glad I can post at least one look per week on the blog. Hopefully I’ll post more often even though I’m also planning on going to the University this autumn – I just love new beginnings!

You can never go wrong with black&white, am I right? Took advantage of this windy day to wear this pair of  technical sports trousers  and a shirt. How cool the back of it can be?I just realized im gonna miss layering on summer as its my favorite thing to do. I definitely plan to add an extra layer when the weather permits. This outfit reminds me of the old days when fashion was a little more fun. No normcore, no tees with weird quotes (“you can’t sit with us”, “dope”, “twerk”, “selfie”, you name it) and no extremely minimalistic pieces.

This is one of my coolest shirts that I own at the moment and that’s because of the bow on the back and the circular flounce ending that the sleeves have. I’ve seen this type of sleeves so much lately in almost single store that I’ve been that I started some kind of obsession. The black stilettos are popping out nicely out of the side stripe, the jacket adds the perfect amount of silver that this outfit needs and I’m all ready to go. One of my favourite street style looks for sure!  Oh, did I mention that that leather backpack is watching you reading this? 🙂


Pants – BERSHKA / Shop here

Shirt – ZARA

Jacket – DollsKill / Shop similar here

Stilletos – Il PASSO

Backpack – Dollskill

Photographer // Vlad Ciubotariu



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