Urban snake

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Very late in the day we were walking around and shot these photos. One of those easy easy going outfits… the colour that truly adds the cherry on the top is red. You just need a  cool coat, a black dress, a big bag where to store your little nothings and a good pair of Vans – nothing more nothing less. I’m so in love with this coat because I can create an amazing outfit for the night, also. I’m already thinking how to style it for a cool party. An item that can be worn both day&night, what more can you wish for?

Oh, you may noticed my hair colour change! I’m such a blondie now, although, in almost one month, it will be a white blonde. Some huge changes are happening in my life right now and I had to mark this somehow. It’s all about my YouTube channel, the page of funny sketches and this blog! Many cool projects are slowly but surely coming soon.

P.S: A blog post and a COOL VLOG from the project by Coca-Cola called Next Big Vlogger is coming soon, so stay tuned! 



Coat – MANGO

Dress – Random store

Sneakers – VANS

Bag – ZARA

Photographer // Vlad Ciubotariu

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