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Chaos! That’s the word to describe my life right now. MANY projects ahead, as  I got to meet some amazing people lately from the industry that I want to work in – online entertainment – so it’s a good kind of chaos. I’m always saying that, but for real, stay tuned!

This Sunday, the project “Marilu&Deea” had an amazing appearance on TV ( in case you didn’t see the moment, click here) and I couldn’t be more proud! More and more people are finding out about the funny sketches that I do with my best friend. Many beautiful messages, many people encouraging us, so I’m about to write better and funnier scripts for the future videos. Fingers crossed. I can say the same thing also for my Youtube channel, I’m about to hit 1,000 subscribers and I promise to continue with the best entertaining content I can make. Many vlogs coming there too, so babes, stay tuned!

At the moment I’m describing myself as a fresh mixture between an online entertainer and a fashion blogger.

Don’t worry, my crazy passion for clothes is impossible to disappear ( duh! ) so I’m still going to show you my personal style through this blog and I hope it keeps you inspired.For today’s outfit I finally got to style this flare cut pair of jeans. I chose an almost all blue outfit: a denim shirt, stiletto heels ( so comfy! ), a bag from Guess that has the brand’s initial all over along the masterpiece – this electric blue jacket. Oh, should I say anything about my blue make-up?! I’m in love with this combination, comfy&chic once again. I think silver goes perfectly with blue, so that’s the reason why I chose silver accessories. It’s kind of hard to find the perfect items to mix with this type of jeans, so I’m glad that I bought this jacket from Dollskill. 2 of my favourite clothing items in one outfit – piece of cake!

Am I the only one here obsessed with electric colors, as I like to call them?



Flare cut jeans – Nasty Gal / Similar here

Bag- Guess

Shirt – Zara / Similar here

Heels – Zara

Jacket- Dollskill

Accessories – H&M

Photographer // Vlad Ciubotariu



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