I grew up listening every single day Romantic FM, a radio station with old school music that, of course, I ended up loving it. Even now, after so many years, you can hear kilometres away from my dad’s car Chris de Burgh’s song “Lady in red”. Damn memories! And that vanilla scent that I hated from his car…

Years passed and, around the age of 13, I became crazy about discovering new music genres. So after I received my first iPod, i started to add, except for the whole playlist of Romantic FM, heavy metal albums. Hell yes! The Iron Maiden’s “Killers” was one of them, that’s the main reason why I love this T-Shirt this much. Accidentally, one Nirvana song ended up there too and I still don’t know how that happened. But thanks God it did, because I found myself listening to “Smells like teen spirit” non stop. All day. All night. It gave me a vibe that no other song ever gave me before. I was so fascinated about this band that I wanted to find out more about them, about the lead singer Kurt Cobain, especially, cause his voice was pure orgasm to my ears. Basically that’s how  I discovered my favourite band. Few months later I  purchased 4 books about Kurt Cobain, all of their albums, hundreds of posters and I learned the lyrics of ALL of their songs. It’s hard for me to explain this connection that I feel with their music, but the most important fact about it is that it gives me a magic feeling that nothing in this world ever gave me before. Kurt’s way of being, his soul, his behaviour inspired me so much that he became my idol. My person of interest.

It’s been 5 years since then and their songs are still playing daily in my room, not on the same iPod though 🙂 I also have other favourite bands but nothing will ever going to compare with their art. Did I mention that my first tattoo will be Kurt’s signature on my right wrist?

The Iron Maiden’s T-Shirt reminded me about this story that you just red. As you can see I chose this punk-rock kind of look for today with that electric blue fur as the cherry on the top. From Dollskill. I also mentioned it in my latest video on Youtube (click here). The leather pants from Zara are so comfortable and stylish, I can use them in soo many combinations. From a formal look to a trashy one. The boots are from Asos and they saved me from drowning in the snow to be honest. Also, let’s take a look at this amazing grey coat from PULSE that has beautiful silver net sleeves to die for! Those Prada sunglasses are my obsession since I bought them a few months ago, I really think they are a must. Yes, even in the winter season.

Oh well, whatever, nevermind 🙂

(Romanian text in the making)


Electric blue faux fur – Dollskill / Similar here 

T-Shirt – Vintage / Similar here

Leather pants – ZARA

Silver coat – PULSE

Leather boots – Asos

Bag – ZARA

Accessories – H&M

Sunglasses – PRADA

Photographer // Vlad Ciubotariu


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