Golden leopard

Let me tell you - when I was younger I avoided to dress up differently. Unique. My way. Why? Because I was always afraid that people will judge, laugh and so on. On the street, for example. Sometimes, if you are not wearing a basic combination of clothes, those random people around will stare at you [...]

Sweet affair 

As I've been working like a crazy lately for some social media projects (funny sketches,that's the only hint you'll get) that will soon be launched, I needed to escape somehow from this routine, so I chose to shoot something a little bit... different. And let me tell you, I had a lot of fun doing it [...]

Golden little things

How much attention have you paid lately to the small things? Those little details of life that we usually forget about? Well, let me tell you that after I've been through so many changes the past year, mentally and even professionally, I got a different way of understanding everything around me. Most important, those little [...]

Scandalous green 

As I was reading Vogue the other days, an article really got my attention more than the rest of them did. More precisely, the Yves Saint Laurent designer's green fur chubby from 1971 which was at the heart of the story about YSL's The Scandal Collection. I personally love  the exhibition poster that has the [...]