Royal blue



Royal blue has always been one of my favorite colors. The major impact that it has over an outfit, the electric vibe that it offers says it all. Also, meet my favorite fabric, velvet. Oh yes baby, velvet everything. Everywhere. Anytime. This fabric has no limits, I would velvet coat every single thing around me if I could. By far it’s the only fabric that really captures my attention all the time, gives me the feeling of a well made product. Not to mention the unique appearance that comes along with the soft touch. So, now, just imagine the combo between royal blue and velvet. The cherry on the top. Therefore, through my theory that velvet goes with everything, I chose to combine it with the fabric itself. The grey velvet turban is a masterpiece in my wardrobe as it adds a special touch even to the most basic outfit. A bad hair day?  Yep, it will save you. Definitely. I grabbed a small leather bag with silver details and put on my comfiest knee high velvet (what a surprise) boots and I’m ready to go for dinner. In order to add a special aspect to the V lining of the coat, the metallic twisted necklace was the perfect addition.

Any other velvet lovers out there?


Albastrul regal a fost mereu una dintre culorile mele favorite. Impactul major pe care il are asupra tinutei, vibe-ul electric pe care il ofera, vorbeste de la sine. De asemenea, materialul meu preferat, catifeaua. Oh da, totul din catifea. Oriunde. Oricand. Materialul acesta nu are limite, as infasura fiecare lucru din jurul meu in catifea daca as avea ocazia! Pana acum este singurul material care imi captiveaza total atentia de fiecare data cand il vad , imi da impresia unui produs de calitate. Ca sa nu mai mentionez aspectul unic ce vine impreuna cu atingerea fina pe care o ofera. Acum imaginati-va combinatia intre albastru roial si catifea. Cireasa de pe tort. Asadar, folosind teoria mea prin care catifeaua poate fi asortata cu orice, am ales sa o combin cu materialul insusi. Turbanul din catifea gri este o piesa de rezistenta printre altele in dulapul meu, astfel incat adauga o nota speciala chiar si celei mai comune tinute. O zi in care parul iti sta aiurea? Da, va va salva. Absolut. Am ales pe fuga o geanta de piele cu detalii argintii si cele mai comfortabile cizme cu lungime pana la genunchi pe care le am, din catifea (ce surpriza,nu?) ,  si sunt gata sa merg la cina. Pentru a adauga un aspect special decolteului in V al paltonului, colierul metalic a fost piesa care m- a salvat.

Alti iubitori de catifea prin zona?


Coat – Raspberry

Turban – from a random store in Dubai

Bag – Zara / shop here 

Boots – Zara / shop here

Jewelries – Motivi 

     Photographer // Vlad Ciubotariu



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